Download Cashflow game for MAC

Download Cashflow game for MAC

In order to download cashflow game for MAC you need to follow other steps:

At the moment the cashflow game do not have the version for MAC, so if you want to play the cashflow game on MAC you need to do :

  1. Get the cashflow game for window here DOWNLOAD
  2. Download the Wine Stable to download Download Winstable

After download winstable you can run window game on your MAC

Cashflow game

The rule of the Cashflow game


Each time you land on or pass Pay Check you receive the amount of your Monthly Cash Flow from the Bank. If this amount is negative (minus), pay it to the Bank. The period from Pay Check to Pay Check is one month. Cash you receive is added to your supply of cash on hand. (in real life cash shows up on your Balance Sheet. For ease of play you need not record WI If you forget to ask for your Pay Check, you lose it!
OPPORTUNITY The Small Deals and Big Deals cards are your Opportunity cards. They include a variety of investment opportunities that may help you in your quest to get out of the Rat Race. When you land on an Opportunity space you may choose either a Small Deal or a Big Deal card. The largest Small Deal costs $5,000 to get into. The Big Deals begin at $6,000. Read the card aloud. Some Deals may allow other Players to buy or sell assets as well. Assets may only be sold when a card permits or when required by bankruptcy. Assets may not be sold to other Players. The Opportunity Card you draw may be sold to another Player only if the card says so, and at a price negotiated between the Players. (The Player is selling the “option” to buy the investment listed.) The Player who buys the card must then buy the asset it offers at the price specified on the card at that time. Opportunities expire when the next Player moves. Players may only sell assets they own. Players may not team up with other Players to buy investments.


The Market cards are where you’ll find buyers for your investments. The Market cards also include economic events which may affect your financial position. When you land on a Market space draw a Market card. Read the card aloud. Everyone who has the exact asset mentioned on the card may sell at the specified price. If you sell, remember to adjust your Game Card accordingly. When you sell you will receive your monies from the Bank, on behalf of the buyer.


Doodads are the unexpected and often unnecesary items on which you spend your money. When you land on a Doodads space draw a Doodads card and follow the directions. Doodads are mandatory, not optional. You may borrow from the Bank (see Bank Loans) to pay Doodad bills.

Charity is optional. Upon landing on Charity, you may choose to give 10% of your Total Income to Charity (pay it to the Bank) in exchange for the use of 2 dice on each of your next 3 turns.


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