How to play Cashflow game 202 and 101- Card board game

To play the offline version of the Cashflow board game, you will need a physical copy of the game, which includes a board, play money, and various cards and pieces. The game is designed for 2-6 players and is recommended for ages 13 and up.

Here is a general overview of how to play the Cashflow board game:

  1. Set up the board: Place the board on a flat surface and set up the game pieces, including the play money, stock cards, and property cards. Each player should also receive a set of financial statement cards and a game piece to move around the board.
  2. Choose a starting salary and career: Players choose their starting salary and career path by selecting a card from the deck. This will determine their starting income and expenses, as well as the type of investments they can make.
  3. Roll the dice and move: Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their game piece around the board. Each space on the board represents a financial event or opportunity, and players must make decisions based on their current financial situation.
  4. Pay expenses and earn income: Players must pay their expenses, such as rent and bills, out of their income each turn. They may also have the opportunity to earn additional income through various means, such as getting a raise or selling a property.
  5. Make investments: Players can use their income to make investments in stocks, real estate, or other assets. The goal is to generate passive income and eventually achieve financial independence.
  6. End the game: The game ends when a player reaches the “Financial Freedom” space on the board, indicating that they have achieved financial independence. Players can then compare their final financial statements to see who was most successful in building their wealth.

Overall, the Cashflow board game is a fun and educational way to learn about personal finance and investing. By playing the game and making financial decisions in a simulated environment, players can gain valuable insights and skills that they can apply to their real-life financial situations.

The offline version is available here: You can download it


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